Orange Christian Assembly

I'm sorry

A personal apology

Pray for RAIN?

Elijah prayed it would NOT rain.

Freedom! What price?

Have you noticed that 'Christian' countries tend to delegate responsability for belief to the individual. Other countries often coerce their citizens to a non-Christian belief by imposing penalties, especially against Christians but sometimes against all religion. Check it out.

Are you charismatic?

We hold that the charismatic movement is based on false teaching. It proposes there are prophets who reveal God's truth much as a personal clairvoyant might. They seduce christians with promises of spiritual power, physical health and material wealth which prove false. They claim that 'speaking in tongues' proves you are a Christian, filled by the Holy Spirit. Check it out.

A church to call home?

We use the word assembly to highlight the fact that our church is not a building, or a denomination, or an organization, but a group of people meeting together to know God, to remember Jesus, to pray in His Name, to encourage one another to live right, to bear one anothers burdens. Check it out.

Christian Brethren?

This is the legal name used in Australia for assemblies like ours. But, since there is no central organization, we are sometimes referred to as part of the Brethren Movement. Check it out.

Look for some other Austrian church

What about Islam?

Islam means Submit to God?

Creation or Evolution?

The Bible clearly and unequivically teaches that God created the world in six days about six thousand years ago. Has science proved the Bible wrong? Not at all. The hard evidence all points to a young earth. Check it out.

What will happen next?

Jesus told His disciples, the night He was betrayed, that He was going away to prepare a place for them, and would return (John 14:1-3). That return will be to establish His Kingdom (He is King of Israel) but first the world will experience Great Tribulation, not to be confused with the hard times some now experience. Check it out.

Was it really Friday?

Since Christian churches proclaim a wide variety of teachings, often contradicting one another, the New Testament (John 5:39, John 7:17, Acts 17:11, 1 Corinthians 14:29) encourages as to critically search for the truth testing what we hear. So was Jesus crucified on Friday as the Western church has taught? We are pleased to make available notes prepared by Norman Deck. in 1956 which carefully show that the Scriptures teach Jesus was crucified on the Thursday. He also explains why the Last Supper was not the regular Passover; the Passover lambs were sacraficed the next day. You will need Acrobat reader to read this 31 page PDF file.

Any questions?

We are happy to share what we understand of the Scriptures on these and any other topic. As 'Iron sharpens iron', so we welcome your questions or comments. Please email

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